Roma Dignity

Tribute by President François Hollande

On April 26, during his commemoration at the former concentration camp of Natzweiler-Struthof, President François Hollande paid tribute to Yahad-In Unum’s research work, in partnership with Roma Dignity, to collect survivors’ testimonies on the Roma genocide.

Recognition by the European Parliament

Laying the groundwork for a path to dignity, on April 16, 2015, the European Parliament officially recognized the Roma Holocaust through the establishment of a unique day dedicated to Roma Holocaust commemoration.

This commemoration stands not only as a recognition of the hundreds of thousands of Roma who were killed during World War II, but also as a breakthrough in the effort to fight against Roma discrimination in Europe today.

Below, watch an interview with Roma Dignity President Costel Nastasie and European Deputy Soraya Post.

Divano Bisterdo